Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spend time with God

It is important to spend time with our God everyday. Statistically it is very shocking how much personal time Christians spend with God alone everyday. It is a battle out there; I know personally I don't get it right. It is so easy to get our mind so crowded with other things that it can be hard to find that peace just to stop and to spend time with our Savior. We as Christians must get into the discipline of spending time with God every day. During this day and age we are going through one of the most intense persecuting known to any Christian in any generation.

What is even more alarming with this attack is it does not come through just the visible but also through the invisible. We are bombarded 24/7 with filth, where sin is glorified daily via TV, Internet, billboards, magazines and newspapers. We are under constant attack. Yet many of us study these items even more intense than the Bible. It is a sad state of affair where one knows the TV guide better than the books of The Bible. Countless of Christians are conforming themselves to the world's ways, its thinking and viewpoints. We trust in the word of man rather than the Word of God. If its on the 10 o'clock news it has to be right, if its on Genesis chapter one we are told to approach with caution. What is happening to us?! Why are we so quick to follow the latest world fables and not so quick to trust in the unchanging Word of God? Christians this needs to alarm us. I know myself included it can be so hard to grasp a Christian concept or truth, yet I'll happily read a news item and trust it straight away! This is not good!

We in this day and age must ground ourselves in the Book of books! We must know it and moreover believe it! Oh what will happen if Christians started to believe the Book of books! What happens when Christians start to pray and to believe that God is able to answer our petitions! We need to spend time with God ever so more in this day and age. We get told even through preachers "that its too spiritual", "come back to Earth" "God don't do things like that anymore". Oh let us wake up from the Spiritual famine and return to our kneels!


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