Friday, February 03, 2006

Reflections: The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Reflections: The Valley of the Shadow of Death

My friend Dan has written a good aticle on Psalm 23:4. He makes an interesting point in saying "This passage of the Bible is quoted all the time and has been a support and comfort for many people in many situations. But for some reason whenever Christians get into sticky situations we fall right back into our insecure ways of thinking." which i totally agree with his comment. His summary on the matter that must be a must to all Christians to grasp is this "But above all, remember that we have a God who is there at both times: when you are comfortable AND when you are in the valley.". Thank you Dan for your good comments. For your information Dan is a student at London School of Theology and is thinking of doing an MA next year. You can reach him on his blog.


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